I need some assistance with these assignment. the use of recycled plastics as structural elements in construction Thank you in advance for the help! First the lumber is stated to be molded in one specified size and UV additives are utilized for prevention against deterioration due to UV light exposure. Structural plastic lumber does not experience such as rotting, cracking, splintering or splitting for at least fifty years and is additionally reported to be of the nature that resists such as termites, salt spray, fungus and marine borers. Formation of the plastic and fiberglass mixture involves heating and continuous extrusion and then the substance is formed into the shape that is needed followed by cooling and cutting. An outer layer that is high-density and solid results from the continuous extrusion process and produces as well a cellular inner core that is less dense and which is wanted and needed for adding to the strength and weight of the material. (American Recycled Plastic, Inc, 2006, paraphrased)

It was reported by BBC News that a company is building homes made from 18 tonnes of recycled waste plastic. Specifically, Affresol of Swansea is reported to have developed a technology that is useful in building houses that are low carbon from plastics and minerals. It is reported that that Welsh Assembly Government money is backing the firm which has “launched a range of eco-friendly homes and four-tonne modular portable buildings.” (BBC News, ) The new sustainable process is reported to have great potential for the construction industry and most specifically for promoting ‘green jobs’. A new material has been developed that has been called ‘Thermo-Poly Rock (TPR) which is made from plastics and minerals that have been recycled for the specific use as a structural building product.

It is reported that the TPR panels are bolted together to produce the “load bearing frame of the house which can be externally clad with brick, block or stone, with the interior insulated and plastered as any other house.

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