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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Pharmacy school admission. I am a person who values learning as well as providing services to people who are in need. I also like applying what I have learned while paying attention to details not to make a mistake. I value human life and I know that failure to pay attention to details in pharmacy may cost patients their lives. My counseling capability will be significant in offering advice to the patients regarding the use of drugs. I understand that even with the right medication, a patient may fail to follow the prescriptions, which may cause problems. Offering the necessary advice will enable me to help patients to avoid messing up with drugs. My scientific background is a clear indication that I can make a good pharmacist. I understand science well and I have the capability to understand and apply concepts acquired in education. I believe this aptitude will help me in the pharmacy profession. I also have a great desire for lifelong learning, which is useful in the pharmacy profession especially due to the constant inventions in pharmaceuticals.

I possess strong communication skills that are necessary for effective communication between me and other healthcare professionals as well as the service users for their benefit. Interpersonal skills are also important in relating with diverse people. I also have strong leadership qualities that I believe will be useful in the pharmacy profession especially when dealing with staff that will be junior to me in the workplace. My leadership qualities allow me to be a problem solver and I always approach issues with sophistication while analyzing each of them and helping other people to identify their talent and motivating them to utilize their full potential. Before making conclusions, I carefully analyze facts from the available information, which is important when dealing with patients as well as doctors. The most important quality of all is my strong memory. I can recall facts and events with ease, which I know will be useful in avoidance of mistakes in the workplace especially when dealing with different patients using diverse drugs.

My decision to apply for the LECOM School of Pharmacy came after a lengthy consideration of the various institutions that offer the course. I realized that the institution was unique in regard to the quality of education offered. I have come across many graduates from the institution. Most of them are successful pharmacy professionals. Not only do they hold high offices in pharmaceutical companies and popular medical institutions in the country, but they are also held in high regard as a result of their exemplary work in research. They are admired for their participation in inventive practices that have led to significant improvements in healthcare. I have also realized that most of the medical institutions in the country prefer graduates from LECOM School of Pharmacy, which makes me believe that I will have a competitive advantage over graduates from other institutions.

The end product of a process largely depends on the inputs in to the process (Jackson et al. 26). I believe that becoming a professional is the product that I need, while undertaking the course is the process. A reputable institution is significant in guaranteeing me the professionalism that I desire. I have witnessed people regretting having enrolled in certain institutions after realizing that the education offered is substandard. Some fail to complete their studies while others incur extra expenses to upgrade their skills in institutions such as LECOM School of Pharmacy after acquiring unsatisfactory skills in other institutions. Such a trend is likely to demoralize aspiring students who might be successful if they enroll in reputable institutions. More over, such graduates may not be competitive in the job market. I feel privileged for realizing that I can be admitted for a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at LECOM School of Pharmacy. I am yearning to become part of this highly regarded institution. I believe that LECOM School of Pharmacy will help me to accomplish my goals of becoming a professional in pharmacy.


Jackson, C. J., Hobman, E., Jimmieson, N., and Martin. R. “Comparing Different Approach and Avoidance Models of Learning and Personality in the Prediction of Work, University and Leadership Outcomes”. British Journal of Psychology, 54.1 (2008): 1-30.

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