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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic NURSING RESEARCH DISCUSION. Nursing Research Discussion Nursing Research Discussion According to the biomedical field, of ethics can be defined as the procedure or method that guides one’s actions in analyzing complex problems such as global warming. Code of ethics can protect the human subject in biomedical research because of the various reasons. First, as affirmed by many people, code of ethics is usually learnt at home, school or church especially during the early stages of growth. From these, code of ethics is assumed by many people as common sense and doesn’t require very complex procedures so as to acquire it. Secondly, code of ethics is important in that it promotes the goals of research for instance knowledge, coordination and public trust. From all the importance listed above, many government agencies as well as professional associations have come up with specific rules in relation to biomedical research. For example, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institute of health (NIH) play crucial roles.

Institutional review board (IRB) is an organization that has the role of monitoring as well as approving biomedical research on human subjects. Even though IRB has the key function of safeguarding human subjects, it has failed in fully implementing its role. As stated by bioethicists, IRB has not been strict in carrying out its roles due to conflicts of ideologies. An example of failed protection against human rights is depicted where a fake product called Adhesiabloc was approved by Coast International Review Board. In addition, IRBs have exemptions in a number of human subjects for example research on human subject that involve special as well as standard instructional strategies.


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