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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic What is cultural policy and what does it involve. The General Post office already existed in the UK and the AT & T in America to regulate this industry. However, the economic crisis of 1980s and 1980s changed the policy environment.

Cultural policy developed from cultural studies and is one of the most contradictory policies, practices and techniques that govern the complex contemporary society. It is derived from culture, value and creative industries concepts but since defining these concepts is difficult as they have various meanings, so is the problem of defining cultural policy. Whatever the definition, it is clear that forms of policy directly impact on forms of culture and cultural identity within a particular space, be it international, national, regional or urban. O’Brien defines cultural policy as the area of public policy-making that governs activities related to the arts and culture whereas culture refers to artefacts and activities associated with a given community’s way of life (2). This essay will discuss what is meant by cultural policy and what it entails. First, a background to the policy will be given. Secondly, the changes that have taken place will be discussed as well as their impact on society and economy. Thirdly, creative industries will be discussed to give an insight as to what cultural policy deals with. I will conclude by giving a brief summary of what cultural policy is and what it entails.

According to Hesmondhalgh cultural policy was initially formulated as “defence of art against commercialization, industrialization and commodification” (159). The policy ground then shifted due to neo-liberal ideology and information society prevalent in the twentieth century.

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