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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic WAN, Architecture Overview. regard, this proposal aims at coming with up a clear description of the different types WAN connections that can be integrated into an organization (DiMarzio, 2001).

The term WAN (Wide Area Network) refers to a large-scale internet connection that exists over a huge geographical terrain and typically connects two or more Local Area Networks. It is usually made up of a significant number of interconnected devices such as hubs, multiport switches, routers and satellite dishes (DiMarzio, 2001).

One of the key needs of the WAN architecture to an organization is to provide faster access to files. Most organizations face the challenge of having to reload files. This is usually experienced in slow network connection situations (Meyers, 2004). Consequently, this affects the ability of the organization to succeed in meeting its set out business goals. However, with the WAN it becomes easier to enjoy speedy access to organizational data (DiMarzio, 2001).

The WAN architecture is also of great need particularly in effective management of remote organization offices. That is, the WAN provides an efficient platform for managing and sharing of data between multiple office locations. To be precise, adoption of WAN solutions maximize the organizational network speed between remote business offices and accelerates file transfer (Karris, 2009).

Another indispensable need of the WAN architecture is the ability to reach the global customer base. With an all-time internet access, it facilitates maximal access to the targeted global customer group. That is, it makes it easy to reach a wide customer set of customers, which is crucial in promoting business continuity. It thus plays a huge in increasing profits and meeting the set out business goals (DiMarzio, 2001).

Communication is always a crucial need for effective business operations.

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