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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Trans-national corporation. In addition, the company is in the Forbes 500 best companies. Therefore, Apple Inc. is a transnational company because it operates across numerous countries, has retail outlets in many countries and also employs many people across the world.

In understanding the image of a product, three important components are analyzed. These include the strength of the brand, influence of the brand on the customers and financial performance of the company. Apple Inc. financial position is stable and keeps continuing growing due to the demands from the customers especially when it comes to its mobile devices (Zylla-Woellner 89). The customers purchase new products easily this raising the organization revenues translating into more profits. In addition, the Apple brand is strong and it is easily for Apple Inc. to increase the prices of the products without any effect to the customer. The customers have become loyal to the organization products and services including the mobile phones (Apple Inc 2014). The brand plays an important role since consumers hold it with esteem and users of the mobile phones are held at a better level compared to other mobile phones.

The uniqueness of Apple Inc products is the “bitten” image of an Apple, which is logo that is on all the Apple products (Zylla-Woellner 121). The aim of the logo is to make it easier for the customers to identify the product. Therefore, the logo is utilized a marketing strategy since seeing the logo, customers and other stakeholders knows that the product is able. hence, the image of Apple Inc across the world is continually developing. bringing more customers to purchase the Apple Inc. products and services (Apple Inc 2014).

The book reviews the contribution of Jony Ive in the development of new products that include IPhone, iPad, iPod and iMac.

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