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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH / Change Management. ion, its primary baseline include setting out values that would be delivered to customers and evaluating and managing the change that occurs in the market. As such, the marketing strategies have to be aligned with the organizational strategies towards offering the best value to customers. In this case, detailed knowledge of customer needs is important, a strategy that Westerly heavily utilized in her role to lead the development of products that meet customer needs. In addition, her product development strategy targeting larger corporations was a major prospect in the company. The development of CRM products by Dart was the gate towards making a breakthrough in dealing with larger corporations at the leadership of Westerly. The adoption of Dart’s operations globally was instrumental in her dream of making Kauflauf’s success not only regionally but also globally. The adoption marked a shift from smaller to larger accounts, a transition that Westerly had worked hard to realize. As Hassan (2012) explains, value proposition involves meeting the needs of customers through articulating their needs and developing products as per customer requests. More importantly, she was important in redeploying the time used by field consultants in allocating more time to the more profitable and larger customers. Such an approach in contrast with allocating time uniformly across all classes of customers, an important step that Westerly believed could result in increased revenues though the plan had initially faced challenges.

Guang & Trotter (2012) illustrate the need to understand cultural dynamics within markets to make decisions that align with the market culture and which do not offend the prospective customers. As such, cultural differences in market communication in most cases create barriers and conflicts within market segments and the sensitivity to market cultures is the key to success in operating in global markets.

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