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Need an research paper on mkt 251 advertising and media in the marketing environment. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. After analysing the environmental factors, it has been identified that the usefulness of the products follows the necessity trend and technology advancement of the target audiences. Market competition analysis shows that though Apple operates in a competitive market but, its innovations are still makes substantial differences in terms of quality and benefits to the customers.

Apple has been promoting its latest innovation Ipad through different advertisement campaigns named “we believe”, “we will never stop”, “we will always” etc. The company share different messages to target audiences through these adverts. But all are similar in terms of market segmentation, positioning and targeting. Therefore, there is little difference in the content of the advertisement but message is still the same. It tries to make the target customers aware about the unique benefits of the product through different representation.

Apple Inc. was formerly named as Apple Computer Inc. It is an American multinational corporation which design and sell high technology electronic goods, personal computers and computer software. The company became worldwide popular because of its innovation in the product. Company’s best known products are the Macintosh line of computers, ipod, iphone and lastly the current ipad. The company was established on 1st April, 1976 in California and incorporated on 3rd January, 1977. The company removed the word ‘computer’ from its name from January 2007 and shifted from only computer business towards consumer electronics. By market capitalization, Apple Inc. is the largest public limited company in the world which beat ExxonMobil, Google and Microsoft by revenue and profit.

Ipad is one of the best innovations of the company along with other innovations i.e. ipod, iphone, Macbook etc.

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