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Need an research paper on internship swot analysis paper. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. One of the key strengths within the sales and marketing department is the strong marketing team that employs the digital tools of marketing. As a result, the company has benefited from an expansive market segment resulting to high sales. As the result of the increased revenue, the company has been able to expand its operations in the local markets. Similarly, the experienced marketing managers within the sales department have effectively handled all the issues ranging from employees welfare to customer complaints. In turn, there has been a strong positive relationship between the workers and their team leaders. However, there has been no adequate training of the sales executives a fact that has been noted as one of the weaknesses of this department (Hill and Westbrook, 1997). Within the Finance and Accounting department, the company employs computerized accounting packages including the QuickBooks and Sage. As a result, paper work within the department has greatly been reduced. Based on the haste and effectiveness of the modern accounting systems that the department has employed, it has been possible to easily compute the sales executive’s commissions and deductions. A notable weakness of the Finance and Accounting department is that very few employees know how to use the accounting packages they are using. As a result, during the days when the accounting package users are not at work, the company operations are negatively affected.

One of the major strengths in the management section is the experienced and motivated human resources. Having worked in well known fashion companies in US including Acushnet Company, American Eagle Outfitters and The North Face, the management team has gained adequate experience that it uses to streamline the activities of BB Company. However, the management failure to involve the employees in decision making process and lack of regular workers evaluation are notable weaknesses within the department of management.

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