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Need an research paper on indigenous studies/bachelor of nursing. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. However, these policies have not benefited the people as expected and the indigenous population is at a social, political and economic disadvantage when compared to their non indigenous counterparts. These factors have had a direct impact on the overall health and well being of the aborigines. The purpose of this report is to critically analyze the effect of the segregation and assimilation policies on the current health status of the aboriginals.

Australia was originally inhabited by the aboriginal people. However, the life of the indigenous society suffered devastating and irreversible changes due to successive episodes of immigration into the country. The country saw an influx of European settlers in the year 1788 which was followed by immigrants from different countries and societies (Australian Government, 2008, p.23). These settlers organized themselves into colonies and disrupted the aboriginal way of life and society (MSN Encarta, 2008, p.4). The arrival of the immigrants signalled a drastic reduction in the population of the aborigines. Hostile aboriginals were killed by the immigrants while aborigines also suffered fatally due to various European diseases such as small pox, tuberculosis and measles. Since these immigrants usurped the land and resources of the aborigines they were forced to live in the fringes of the immigrant colonies. The aborigines were also domesticated and made to work on farms (MSN Encarta, 2008, p.4).

The Christian missionaries in the mid 1800’s provided food and other needs to these aborigines in turn expecting these people to let go of their basic traditions and adapt themselves to the English way of life. The gold rush in 1850’s saw another wave of immigration and between the years 1880 and 1911 many restrictive polices were imposed on the aborigines. Children were removed from their families.

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