Need an research paper on equal protection and gender discrimination in military training. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. The Equal Protection clause is responsible for the guarantee of equal rights to everyone irrespective of their gender. It was therefore wrong for Virginia Military Institute to reserve certain opportunities for just men (Sampson, 2012).

Question (b)

Judge Scalia’s dissenting opinion entirely based on the traditions of the country. The American constitution has its foundations in the country’s tradition. He, therefore, reasoned that it is not right to declare all military schools unconstitutional based on gender equality. For many years, the military schools in the country are male-only based, and they have not faced any challenges whatsoever. He further argues that during the writing of the constitution the founding fathers did not consider the question of education (Sampson, 2012).

Question (c)

Military training should be equal to both male and female. Military life is a risky business that puts many lives at risk. It is unfair to go to war with others who have received better training for the same role that one is expected to play. In fact, the constitution outlines equality rights irrespective of gender. The discrimination has caused difficulty for women to rise in their careers and achieve their dreams despite having the potential to do so (Sampson, 2012).

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