Need an research paper on business of the resale stores. Needs to be 48 pages. Please no plagiarism. Once this has been done, we will be doing a market segmentation to target our potential customers. Once this has been done, we will design the various strategies required to influence the customers.

A detailed plan of how the organization work towards the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives is the operational plan for the business. It provides a clear picture of how the people, teams and the departments of the organizations are collectively working together or the purpose of the business.

Finance or the starting capital is the most important thing without which no business can start. Finance is the combination of the acquiring, allocation and the proper management of funds that will actually combine to help in the fulfillment of any business. The financial plan helps the managers to go about with the entire project. It shows the managers and helps them in identifying the different sources of capital and how it can be collected and allocated so that the business may be conducted in a proper fashion. It helps the company to identify the different sources of the capital and how these sources can be properly utilized to actually formulate the business. It also helps in designing and defining the exact way in which the money should be allotted so that the business will be able to breakeven faster and would be successful.

In recent times due to the impact of the recession and the inflation on a worldwide basis the consignment shop or resale store is a one-stop solution to all the buyer-seller problems. This is because initially a consignment store or a resale shop is actually a resale business which involves three parties. They are the goods owner or the consignor, the consignee or the seller and the buyer of the resold goods the customer. Goods that are resold or consigned generally are clothes, luxury items, and antiques.

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