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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Human Rights Terrorist legislation has not made a serious incursion on human rights in the UK. In fact the legislation has proved overwhelmingly successful and justifiable in its nature and practice. Critically analyse the above statement with refer. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Terrorist legislations continue to face criticism regarding the exemption of some legislative acts. Critics have continuously blamed terrorist legislation for endangering democracy through suspending other legal acts, hence allowing authoritarian governance. Many critics refer to the human rights laws which are commonly violated when implementing terrorist legislation. The effects of such incursions upon human rights remain prevalent among many societies which have adopted terrorist legislation.

The European Convention on Human Rights refers to a regional treaty within European Union region, established in 1950 and ratified by all member states. The convention contributed to the establishment of European Court of Human Rights, through which individuals who felt their rights had been violated by a state party could seek redress. Creation of this court enabled individuals to participate in human rights protection at the international level. The convention consists of eighteen (18) articles, and article five (5) refers to the right to liberty and security. The article presents individuals suspected of various criminal acts to liberty if their suspicion is based on lawful arrest or detention. Despite the numerous legislations which might fail to accord suspects such liberty, the article presents a platform for seeking redress, under many circumstances. Member states to the treaty, which established the article, are required to make legislative clauses within the provisions of ECHR

Article 5 of ECHR provides liberty to individuals who have been arrested on suspicion, by offering them rights to various legal protection services. In accordance to the article, individuals suspected under any circumstances and arrested within the provisions of a valid legislative act must be accorded the legal rights described by article 5.

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