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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Customer Service, and Company Culture of Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to the research findings, from its inception, Zappos value proposition has been to create and deliver to each customer a WOW experience. They are able to achieve this by simply empowering their workforce to deliver a shopping experience that is irresistible. They provide unrivaled customer service and free fast shipping, while at the same time offering almost one thousand two hundred and fifty brands and two million eighty hundred thousand products. As a result of this strategy, they have a fanatical customer loyalty with up to 75% being repeat customers. Zappos ability to create and capture value emanates from their nearly obsessive passion to create customer satisfaction and good customer relationships. In fact, customer’s loyalty is of such great importance to Zappos that it is their primary goal to be the best customer experience and customer service company. They have a culture that runs deep down and that is customer-focused. In order to create and capture value, Zappos directly invests the huge amount of money into customer service. They will only hire employees who are customer-oriented who are able to fit into their culture of optimal employee satisfaction. Even after employing people who are customer-oriented, they further train these individuals thoroughly the art of creating customer loyalty. Zappos approach to creating and capturing value is customer-centric. They make use of such strategies as offering free delivery for products purchased, they even allow for free returns when a customer is not happy with the product and they also have a 365-day return together with periodical service upgrades. As a result, 75% of their sales emanate from current customers and still have a tremendous rate of growth despite the poor economy. Zappos has also developed a service culture which is built around ten core principles which stipulate that every new employee has to take four weeks of customer training on loyalty.

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