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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Mintzbergs Leadership Test and Reflection. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Major qualities of participative leaders are that we are great listeners, team workers, influencers, and collaborators (Lewin, 2009). Participative leaders value the people they work with and use the inputs that members of the team provide, thus they create a committed team based on participation.

Advantages of being a participative leader are many. Being a participative leader, there is a scope for growth of other leaders within the organization. The process used by the leaders is one which allows for everyone to participate in the decision making of the company. This increases the productivity of the people in the team and also allows for allowing for the team members to express their creativity and also demonstrate their abilities and talents which do not be seen in the other styles of leadership. Also, it has been noted that there is a clear development of skills and abilities. This form of leadership provides the team with a chance to learn their weaknesses and work on improving their weaknesses. This is not only useful for the current job, but also for future jobs and their career as a whole. Also, this style of leadership also provides the team with a range of possibilities. This style provides a new direction to decision making and instead of placing all the load on one individual it sees all problems, issues, and processes from several different angles. This method also allows me to use brainstorming as a solution to issues. Using a brainstorming is one which is most useful as any process can be improved and every issue can have a better approach if a number of aspects are considered (Slocum and Hellriegel, 2006). This can be done best with brainstorming which can help improve decision making. This style of leadership provides a chance for the employees to learn their passion for the job which in turn leads to better overall productivity and better teamwork.

Every style of leadership has a downside to it as well. The disadvantages of this method will be discussed below. The major issue of this style of leadership is one of the time factors. The time taken in this style is quite high while taking any decision.&nbsp.

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