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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Modeling Evaluation. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. MODELING EVALUATION Answer Template Use template to record your answers to the 13 questions in the Unit 8 assignment. This examination assignment will be worth 100 points. The assignment is due by midnight at the end of week 4 of the course. You can use your textbook, readings, and other course materials as resources for completing this examination.

When finished, submit your answer template to the assignment area.

Question 01

The appropriate multivariate statistical technique to investigate the research question is _____Logistic regression___

Question 02

Job satisfaction

Decision making

Question 03The parametric multivariate statistical model to evaluate the hypothesis with two scale dependent variables, four factors which are independent variables, and three covariate, scale independent variables is ___MANOVA________________.

Question 04The F value reported for education level is __0.27__ and it suggests that the factor- not related to the total net worth of the household at the .05 level of significance.

Question 05Based on the above results, name the covariates that are significant at the .05 level of significance _______ Total value of directly held stocks held by household (STOCKS) and____ Total value of other financial assets (OTHFIN) ________

Question 06

Question 07Not adjusted for degrees of freedom how much of the variance in total net worth of household is not accounted for by the model? ___0.348 (34.8%)_________ (provide number.)

Question 08The assumption of homoscedasticity is untenable as the null hypothesis is rejected.

Question 09This technique is called_______ &nbsp.regression model validation ______.

Question 10If the assumptions for discriminant analysis are violated, bootstrapping is a possible technique for creating confidence intervals for coefficients and is an important tool for parametric estimation True.

Question 11A nonrandom sampling procedure may be used to infer population parameters from sample statistics when conducting multivariate modeling from large samples False

Question 12There are no statistical procedures that permit one to ethically and mathematically make inferences to population parameters when a nonrandom sample is used True.

Question 13For a Capella dissertation, one is encouraged to conduct an exploratory factor analysis for understanding which questions in a survey or instrument fit together True.

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