Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on investment profile analysis for mccormick & company. According to the paper findings the company also supplies for store brands that are private level items. The company’s current employee strength is around 10000 including members of its research facilities. The company’s success pillars include continuous innovation, participative management for managing workforce, quality assurance and maintenance and delivering high performance. A research on company profile suggests that the decision of participative management and empowering employees have helped the company to achieve its current position. According to the management, learning and development initiatives by the company such as Global Leadership Program, Global Learning Network and High performance Organisation has also played an important role in the company’s success.

As the discussion stresses McCormick & Co. is growing at a fast pace and has become the largest spice company globally with sales value of USD 4123 millions in 2013. In the spice industry the size and reputation of the company matters and as a result, McCormick & Co. has a competitive advantage over its competitors. It has been observed that consumers in spice industry are price sensitive but they are equally concerned with the quality of the product. The price of MKC is comparatively high and it mainly competes with various private brands. However, the products of MKC are highly distinguished because of its substantial investment in research and development. This has helped the company in achieving high market capitalisation.

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