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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on executive committee and the standards committee of the division on community health nursing practice. Health &nbsp.While male nurses are motivated by the executive powers and autonomy achieved through this profession. females are attracted to interpersonal characteristics, which come along with the profession. Motivation being intrinsic or extrinsic, the former encourages nursing professionals for providing quality care, as they can get long-term satisfaction, happiness, and better productivity from this job. (Stapleton et al, 2007, p.813)

Nurses need insurance cover

Due to cases of malpractice involving nursing professionals, it has been observed that many nurses quit their jobs for switching to a new profession. This has added to the already existing shortage of nurses. However, legal protection is available to nurses in the form of malpractice insurance, while the onus lies on the aggrieved patient to prove the charge of malpractice or negligence. Therefore provision of legal and insurance protection, to shield nurses, is essential, while nursing professionals should have adequate knowledge of laws pertaining to malpractice. In addition, nurses are required to exercise prudence, while providing medical care and treatment to the patients.


Health-care issues, which include health education, promotion, and health maintenance, as well as continuity of care, requires a systematic, realistic and holistic approach, involving families, groups and community. Nurses form a part of a comprehensive health-care plan for individuals and groups while contributing to the overall health of the community. However, the overall health-care planning should consider other factors like influences of social and ecological issues, along with the contribution of nurses in providing the best quality medical care.

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