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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on death in the laboratory. Due to the nature of the evidence, it is most likely that the Count who was discovered dead in a laboratory on 21 September died as a result of the injury caused to his body through the assault of his disease.

Upon entering the scene, the body of the Count was displayed in such a way to suggest that he had fallen at the point of his death. One leg was at an awkward angle and his arm was thrown behind his back. Initial point of view suggested that he his death had been caused in such a way that he was surprised and not prepared for the fall. Since there was no evidence of bodily injury, the initial overview of the laboratory suggested that perhaps he had suffered from some sort of poisoning, either through the still open food that sat near his body or the cigarette that still had some length to it, but was no longer burning as if it had been snubbed out previous to consuming the meal. In addition, a video on safety and health was in the DVD player, along with research on the effects of the drug therapy cisplatin for use in ovarian and blood cancers. Chloroform and liquid nitrogen were also found on the scene. Further investigation into the meaning of the research revealed that it was centered on the manipulation of DNA towards the goal of creating a successful type of gene therapy. The initial investigation into the Count’s financial life revealed that he had become near to bankruptcy, his bank account drained of what had originally been a significant savings only a short time ago, now overdrawn.

Near his body was found a series of pharmaceuticals that have a specific purpose that was identified. Cisplatin, oxaliplatin, fluorouracil, and folinic acid were all found arranged on a surface near the body.

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