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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of employment websites: and I found that the outlay of the websites was similar to one another with dialogue boxes for typing in the job(s) one was interested in. Additionally, there were other dialogue boxes for any relevant skills that the user may possess and the location of the jobs listed. By inputting the information, the web search is narrowed to cater to the specific needs of the user, by matching him/her to a potential job that corresponds with their skills.

For example, I searched for database administrator jobs in Chicago and I was able to get the necessary information needed. From the websites, I was able to get a few results in various companies. The job descriptions on the two sites appear to bear striking similarities, such as- the breakdown of the duties of the potential data administrator, the amount of experience that he/she is supposed to possess and educational qualifications. Additionally, the sites provided a platform for either saving the job description for future use or reference, and a link for applying for the job in case one wanted to. Most of the job descriptions for the database administrator job did not quote the salary offered for the jobs.&nbsp.

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