Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on a theoretical and conceptual critique of chapter 5 from jeffreys. s. 1997. the idea of prostitution. spinifex. melbourne. Other countries consider it a misdemeanour and still others regard it as a crime punishable by death. Despite the laws made to control or regulate the process of prostitution, the idea itself and the associated questions of choice as well as empowerment remain unanswered. It is therefore important to understand the idea to appreciate the social impact of prostitution.

Jeffreys (1997) discusses this idea at length and also presents several different viewpoints as well as his own about prostitution being a choice which women are allowed to make in this time and age since they should have control over their own bodies. This choices comes with the understanding that the business they are about to enter may have its own consequences and if the governments of their location recognize the issues surrounding their problems it would be beneficial for all concerned parties. For example, if the government can regulate the process and even gain tax benefits from legalized prostitution there may be a net positive social impact of the practice.

Jeffreys compares the choice of prostitution with other choices that women may make in this time and age. For example, he mentions “reproductive surrogacy and breast implants (Jeffreys, 1997, pg. 130)”, as two choices which women are allowed to make without too many questions being asked which leads us to consider prostitution as an active choice as well. However, the idea of making prostitution a choice comes with a dangerous connotation of not drawing the line anywhere at all.

For instance, a person may say that taking cocaine is a choice, using marijuana is a choice even child pornography and paedophilia is a choice.

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