Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on a public place that has been changed by time. Some have completely changed with others following the same trend. Some of the changes experienced are at time positive with others being completely negative. Among the public place that have experienced some of the most positive changes include the Bryant Park, a recreational facility located in New York.

Bryant Park is a 39, 000 m2 public park that is privately managed and that is situated between the Fifth and the Sixth Avenues in the New York City. The main entrance of the green is along the Sixth Avenue and the facility is managed by a non-profit organization. The good management of the park marks a good and effective partnership between the private and public sector. The park is directly above an underground building that houses New York Public Library. A few years ago, the park experienced one of the major changes that completely changed its appearance and public image. Initially there used to be no buildings around the park, but as time went by new buildings were built around the park to a point that the investors were scrambling for the available spaces for commercial developments including the park’s space. This was due to the rising demand for space since the population in the city was rapidly growing due to immigration and the search for job opportunities in the city.

In 1980, the park had to be closed temporarily to give room for the construction of the current structure that houses the library. The building is found below the ground level what is commonly referred to as basement with the park being on the ground level as it used to be. This was a prudent idea that the management can only be celebrated for. The public need these two facilities despite the fact that there was no adequate space in the city to have them at different places. Before this significant change had occurred in the area, the park used to be a very unsafe place for recreational activities as it had been dominated by prostitutes, homeless individuals, and drug dealers.

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