Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on a non-profit organization solve inc. This has answered the needs of customers in a timely manner and provided return trade-off.

Price entails the charge of the services that we are offering. this has been tricky since it determines customer base of our company. We are offering low priced services and products to allow customers afford. In addition, we are non-profit Non-Governmental Organization thus our services are public oriented. We have been able to observe the market environment and competitors’ price strategies to ensure we are relevant.

Business location is a critical ingredient in success and expansion since it increases convenience between suppliers and the organization. Our location has been strategic especially in residential areas, high traffic and main roads that are easily accessible. In essence, the strategy is focused on the commuting families and individuals. In addition, the company aims at supplying their products and services to local businesses, offices, and schools. On the other hand, the location of business should be close to processing facilities, market, and source of supply.

We have committed to advertising our products and services through internet Web site, which has proven to be effective. Notably, the internet is fast turning into a major promotional avenue, and the institution believes it will advance with regards to the importance over time. Furthermore, it is the most convenient means for us to wide presence from the onset.

Our major customer at the moment is the S.S Conner Elementary School. After we are successful with the school we will extend our services to other poor performing elementary schools within the area before we expand to other institutions of learning within and outside the state.

The image of our institution is very vital because it finds out the relationship with our customers in the education sector. Having a good image will attract customers and clients to our table. We intend to do what we do best.&nbsp.We intend to do what we do best. By being the best in the education industry, we will become a respected leader in the field. The level of education in Texas should be top-notch. We also seek to promote and offer quality services. This way, clients, and prospects will acknowledge our services.

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