Option #1: Organizational Problem or Opportunity

The Literature Review is a foundational element in a research paper and is an opportunity to share the findings of your investigative research. The Literature Review is a synthesized analysis of all the research used to support your problem statement, answer your research questions, and argue for your proposed recommendations. Building off of the annotated bibliography created in ORG575, develop your literature review.

Include the following:

Your well-written Section IV must be 8-10 pages total in length, in addition to title and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).  The literature review (Links to an external site.) should include all scholarly (journal articles from the CSU-Global library) cited in the Capstone project.

Research Topic: LGBT employee and the function of diversity in the healthcare industry.

Research Proposal:  With diversity increasing in the workplace and the population of employees representing in the LGBT community.  Many companies are including diversity and inclusion in their workplace being able to recruit future employees from different backgrounds shows more success for companies in the 21st century. The purpose of this study is to see if companies focus on their marketing and vision when hiring future employees of the LGBT community to allow them to be successful as a company.

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