I will pay for the following article Identifying a discourse’s significance and problem. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The Lion King” Dis The “Lion King” dis is significant because it draws attention to the plight of animals and what ensures when the balance of nature is disturbed. Moreover, since the film has been made as a cartoon film it appeals to the mass audience. At the same time, it has an environmental message to convey to its viewers about the disasters that can occur from the uncontrolled killing of animals. It also has theoretical significance because it tries to persuade its audience that there is a need to maintain the ecological balance in nature. This message is conveyed in a powerful way by linking it with the story of the protagonist lion cub that grows into a lion and realizes what happens when the hyenas take over and kill all the animals.

In the film, “Lion King” King Mustafa refers to the valley as the “Circle of Life” which is significant for the cause of preservation of animal life. The incidents that occur later in the story when Scar lets the hyenas loose on pride land demonstrates the disastrous results when animals are used for selfish purposes and when their lives are not preserved. This is an important message that only serves to emphasize how important it is that animals should be made to suffer, neither should they be used indiscriminately for man’s benefit, as in the entertainment industry and in scientific experiments – where they are put through pain and suffering. Killing animals is also likely to disturb the Circle of life and the delicate ecological balance that exists.

This is the real problem the film addresses with its underlying message – the cruel and indiscriminate killing of animals. The film applies subtle persuasion as far as the viewer is concerned, highlighting the importance of preservation of the life of animals in order to ensure that the various species of the earth are protected.

The text of the film supports the message against indiscriminate killing of animals, mostly through the stark desolation it portrays of the land when most of the animals in it have been destroyed. This is an important message in the modern day context, when man is indiscriminately destroying animals and subjecting them to cruel and inhuman treatment. As the film portrays, there is a delicate balance in nature, where different species co-exist harmoniously together. Pride Land as it existed was a place where there was a productive earth and happy animals because none was subjected to cruel degrading treatment.

The film also provides a resolution for the problem. After highlighting the devastation that is caused by the wanton killing of animals, it then proceeds to show that the land can be reborn and the ecological balance can be restored by arresting the bad trend that had been begun, of indiscriminate killing of animals. This has an important message to convey – that if we also stop the indiscriminate killing of animals, it will be conducive towards maintaining the delicate ecological balance in nature. Man is selfishly thinking only of himself, conducting scientific experiments for example and causing pain to animals for his own benefit, however such a selfish policy is likely to be harmful. This is what Mustafa explains to young Simba right at the beginning of the film, how we all have the responsibility to preserve and maintain the fauna and flora on this earth in order to ensure the preservation of the ecological balance.


* The Lion King Story. [online] available at: http://www.lionkingtickets.net/story.

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