I will pay for the following article Employment Relations in the Innovative Electronics. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Subsequently, these problems affected diverse business areas within the company besides affecting the stakeholders. The customers could not get their needs and demands met by the products of Innovative and hence walked away.

The parent company reduced resources to the subsidiaries, affecting the motivation and reward system negatively. The management structure and the policies that the senior managers used caused mistrust and cynicism and failed to address the problems of the company since coherence and teamwork were affected negatively.

Innovative Electronics is a company that operates in Europe and produces sophisticated electronic control equipment used by other big companies in testing and measuring laboratory instruments, mobile phones, and chemicals. The Innovative business has experienced constant problems in the past five years, resulting in a patchy performance because of the economic turmoil that rocked the world’s market for some of its important products. This paper is an integrative case study analysis of Innovative electronics in which the problem is discussed, the case data analyzed, and the main problems facing the company identified and analyzed. In addition, recommendations are made to help improve the situation that the company is in, in future.

The Innovative Electronics is experiencing poor and low performance in its business for the last five years because of the market depression for some of its main products. The company, which had been thriving on the power of technological innovations for its business success, is also facing increased threats from its new competitors in the market because of less innovative developments that can neither attract new customers nor retain the existing ones.

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