I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Who are Entrepreneurs. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Entrepreneurs work strategically- he or she is a person who knows the right people and can select a good team. These people are different people often termed as minorities (Bolton & Thompson, 2004, p-14). Smith (n.d, p-5) suggests that entrepreneurs are agents of innovation- they find loopholes in the processes and use them as opportunities. Many scholars debate on the fact whether entrepreneurs are born or made? The phenomenon of personality as a foundation for distinct behavior begs the same argument- whether personality is born or is it made? Is a human being a product of nature or nurture? At times certain skills and characteristics of people which are nurtured over time motivate him or her to become an entrepreneur in the future. Similarly, inherited skills may encourage a person to direct him or herself towards the path of business management. Bolton & Thompson (2004, p-21) in their book have concluded that entrepreneurs are both born and made. In some cases, they are born having natural skills while in other cases, entrepreneurs are made after learning the rules of business.

&nbsp.Entrepreneurs work in an open, unstructured environment in which they have to do tasks from scratch-they have to begin from primary levels to reach the top (Zhao & Seibert, 2006, p-260). This statement suggests that entrepreneurs have to keep a balance between work-life, family and avoid conflicts between them. This workload, financial stake, and work environment may lead to physical and psychological stress. In such situations, people with high self-confidence and self-efficacy can survive these strong external pressures.

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