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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Virgin Group Case Study. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Virgin Group case study

Question one:

I believe it is not easier to be a transformational leader when resources are almost limitless and the leader does not have others to answer to. Transformational leaders succeed due to their ability to inspire others in order to ensure high productivity in the organization unlike transactional leadership that relies on the definition of roles and authority. Transformational leaders make sure value is added to the business products and services. Transformational leaders do not make decisions on their own but establish partnerships and excellent working relations with other stakeholders such as shareholders, suppliers and customers. Transformational leaders do not require limitless resources to ensure change but commitment to the vision of the change (Daft 425).

Question two:

Some of the aspects of transformational leadership of Branson include inspirational motivation. For instance, he believes in collective responsibility of teams and motivated employees. Another aspect of transformational leadership of Branson intellectual stimulation since he challenges the existing assumptions and promotes creative ideas. He invented space travel since he believes that the earth is tiny, unlike the space, and he is also committed to develop a submarine that can reach ocean floors. He has idealized influence and acts as a role model for his employees. He instills trust and high ethical behavior in his business since he is committed to environmental conservation and charity work. Branson also makes individualized consideration through listening to all employees and showing support for the teams. He understands the needs of customers and employees and thus is mainly why he dressed up in and boots a cowboy hat during opening of regular flights to Dallas to symbolize the needs of American customers (Daft 425).

Question three:

If Virgin Group was to go public tomorrow, I would be willing to purchase the stock. Richard Branson would be committed to ensuring profitability and high return son the shareholders investments. I would be assured of positive returns since his diversification and acquisition strategies would ensure positive returns even during harsh business environment. Branson has high performance expectations thus would pursue aggressive investment strategies in order to meet the expectations of the shareholders (Daft 428).

Works cited:

Daft, Richard. Management. Mason. Cengage Learning. 2010.

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