I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Questioning the Text Paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The society has the power to change how people think even though they can differentiate right and wrong. Through Rafe story, we can understand the nature of racism. Apparently, Rafe was a popular teenager in his society. However, he did not like how the society treated him. He wanted the society to accept him and not to view him as gay. Nevertheless, his expectations were unsuccessful. Everyone in the society knew him by the label “Gay.” The society constructed a label for Rafe that everyone accepted except Rafe. The story brings to light the power of the social construct when Rafe goes to school where no one has information concerning him. Unfortunately, his new society gave him a new name, “jock.” For this reason, people in his new society constructed another label for Rafe.

Rafe’s case is similar to racism. Racism is a social construct. This paper will discuss the pervasiveness of Racism in America. The question raised is important as educates people on the nature of racism and its existence. It also brings to light the impact of social constructs.

Social construct is an idea or concept developed by people in a society. The people build information concerning the idea or concept such that it becomes part of the society. Every society has a social construct that define it. Social construct can affect people in the society or people outside the society. Some social constructs affect people in the world. For instance, many people have believed that women belong in the kitchen. They have a responsibility of cooking and chores. The constructs are not true, but they have influenced everyone including women such that women feel that they belong to the kitchen. The story depicts that constructs begin as a responsibility. the responsibility is then passed to many people such that it becomes a rule, taboo or a norm.

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