I need help creating a thesis and an outline on How can the knowledge of first-language articulation interference positively affect the educational or work setting. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How can the knowledge of first-language articulation interference positively affect the educational or work setting? First, it is important to establish that first language articulation interference is what is sometimes referred to as language transfer (Odlin, 2011). Odlin (2011) admits that there are several “research showing many ways in which similarities and differences between languages can influence the acquisition of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.” This not withstanding, there is a general possibility that in a person’s quest to learn a new language, basic knowledge in grammar, vocabulary construction and pronunciation can be transferred to the second language learning from the first language.

With most forms of communication in educational cycles and the labor force being through either written or spoken language, it is very important that all people equip themselves with a kind of language with which these forms of communication will be conveyed. Unfortunately, we are not always privileged to take instructions at school and in the work place via the first language. Some of the factors that cause this include migration and the need to work under superiors who speak a different language. In such circumstance, the most likely option that becomes left is the need to adapt to a second language. Happily, idea of a first language would already make the effort to learn the second language easier. Again, it is possible to undertake personal research and general studies in a first language so that transfer of idea is done into the second language for further interpretation. Finally, one of the positive effects includes the fact that language acquisition is not just about the ability to speak and write but that the ability to gain general communication skills such as the use of gestures, manners and courtesies. Once a person can do all these in a first language, it becomes easier to transfer these other components of communication at school or at the work place.


Odlin T. (2011). Language Transfer. Retrieved February 16, 2012 from http://www.cambridge.

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