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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Diverse Effects of Food Companies Marketing Practices on Eating Habits.creating a thesis and an outline on Diverse Effects of Food Companies Marketing Practices on Eating Habits. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The marketing executives of these food companies are caught in between the factors that would satisfy the customers fully and also take care of the concern by the governmental food department (Paxon, 2006, pp. 75-82). The food industry has marketed itself in the same way as the tobacco industry because of which it is very important to review the factor on how the marketing of this food industry have affected the eating habits and to have a check over how the food marketers have a continuous growth in their profit without taking care of the customer’s Body Mass Index (BMI) (Brownell and Horgen, 2003, pp. 112-116).

This study is related to see the effects of the food companies marketing over the consumers and also the various government measures been taken over providing healthy and controlling obesity among the people. Most of the food items are not products instead they are branded products in the eyes of the customer because of the way they are been advertised, packed and distributed. For these products, the companies price them on their own based on the demand by the consumers. The good research over the market segment and coming up with the knowledge of the target customers the price cuts over the particular products increases the efficiency of the company in raising the sales. But most of these products are not healthy as a result of which it causes a lot of problems to the consumers like obesity etc.

The cases of overweight are been seen more in children’s and youngsters wherein out of every 7 youngsters 1 is affected by obesity in the age range of 6 to 17. The various factors that have led to such a rise in obesity among childhood are more towards the wrong dietary practices and change in lifestyle among the upcoming children’s and youngsters. The level of physical activity has gone down and youngsters have started to take more of unhealthy foods, as a result, the rate of which obesity and diabetes among the children. Though people who are from poor families are more likely to take less nutritional food items than people from well-established families (Cawley, 20011, pp. 96-105). So not only by changing the food habits and also by encouraging physical activities among the people but the social environment conditions should also be improved which will help people to take good and healthy foods and help them to overcome problems caused by unhealthy foods like obesity and diabetes.&nbsp.

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