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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on A Cadre of New Managers and its Control. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. JET.BLUE AIRWAYS: A CADRE OF NEW MANAGERS

Takes Control

1. What are the key functional strategies that have enabled the CEO and JetBlue’s management to implement and execute its chosen strategy? What are the key policies, practices, and procedures that underlie how the CEO and JetBlue’s management have implemented and executed the chosen strategy?

JetBlue’s main vision is to make their customers satisfied by making sure that they receive exemplary customer service. Because of this, the CEO together with the management has made their functional strategies consistent to this vision. For instance, they introduced electronic ticketing, Internet bookings and revenue management. They also use two different crafts like the Airbus A320, which carries around 150 passengers and the Embraer E190 that carries 100 passengers. They also use E190 crafts for short-distance flights and the A320 for long distances. This strategy helps them to save on fuel as well as make maximum profit at the same time. Concurrently, they guarantee excellent customer service and travel.

2. What is your assessment of JetBlue’s financial performance?&nbsp.

The financial performance of the company has been affected by various factors such as the increase of oil price, reduced number of passengers using flights and poor weather conditions among others. The profits have been dropping since 2003. Even though JetBlue made losses in the year 2005 and 2006, it made profits of $18 million (Rovenpor, N.D.). The financial reports of the company have been positive and increasing steadily unlike in some of their competitors who have gone into bankruptcy or merged with other companies as a survival tactic (Weil, 2007).

3. What are the factors driving change in the airline industry?&nbsp.

There are many factors affecting the airline industry today and most of them are linked to the International economy. These factors include oil prices, flight demands by passengers, the luggage carried, types and state of crafts and the routes they ply, and lastly, the nature of airports and geography of their countries or cities of destination (Lange, 2010).


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