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Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses proposals presented for the rectification of the anomalies of building an olympic arena. This paper illustrates that the first proposal calls for the acceleration in the pouring of seat gallery supports at an extra cost of £130,000 but reduce the period by six weeks. This is highly critical and crucial in the sense that project management aims at finishing the project in the required time to safeguard the dignity of the company. The reduction in operation time would see the provision for time to repair the fracture while the workers are deployed to the infrastructure project to alleviate any labor cost loss. The second proposal takes into consideration proposal one with the inclusion of placing a double shift on the arena’s floor foundation task. A total cost of £195,000 would be incurred with a relief of 9 weeks duration that would go a long way in ascertaining for the necessary time to repair the fracture and complete the project in time. Regarding the importance of the roof in the sense that many activities cannot commence until the roof is done, the use of three shifts, as well as overtime work, will mainly heighten the pace of roofing. This will see the roofing completion six weeks than scheduled at an extra cost of £60,000. The option for overtime and shifts clearly shows the increase in the cost of production but in the real sense, it is safeguarding the company’s commitment to delivering its project undertaking on time. This would see it go a notch higher in the improvement of quality delivery and certainty.&nbsp.

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