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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses copyright has been called an engine of free expression. how accurate is this statment. Copyright does not guarantee the protection of ideas, but it can protect the original work. For example, many films have the common theme in which the hero kills the villain. According to copyright laws, it is easy to protect the original film from copying, but it is impossible to protect the common theme. In other words, the theme or idea cannot be monopolized, but the original film can be protected.

According to Erwin Chemerinsky (2002), “there is an inherent tension between copyright laws and freedom of speech. Copyrights restrict the ability of people to disseminate speech. when material is protected by copyright there are legal limits on who can circulate or sell it” (Chemerinsky, p.83). Moreover copyright laws are permitted even in modern civilized societies which values freedom of expression. Many people believe that copyright may enhance freedom of expression. Because of the strong linkage between copyright and freedom of expression, copyright is often referred as the engine of free expression. As we know an engine’s abilities is necessary for driving a vehicle or to do some effective work. For example, a car is idle or dead if the engine fails. Same way if free expression is not allowed, no creative works will happen and the term copyright may become meaningless. This paper critically analyses the accuracy of the statement “Copyright: an engine of free expression”.

Liu Xiaobo, who was jailed by the Chinese authorities for his open stand on freedom of expression rights, has won the 2010 Nobel Peace prize. Even though most of the countries asked China to release Liu from jail in order to receive the Nobel Prize, China is still keeping a blind eye towards this issue. Nobody believes that China may exhibit generous gesture towards Liu for receiving the Noble Prize. China is a country in which freedom of expression is restricted.

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