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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses matt and ben. ID# time or section Matt and Ben On November 14, I attended Matt and Ben at the West Virginia LAB theatres. The comedy was an interesting story about the manner in which the characters, Matt and Ben, deal with a script that would enable them to become famous as they try to maintain their friendship. Matt is caricatured as an anxious preppie and Ben as a dumb jock. Mindly Kaling and Brenda Withers are credited with writing and performing the play. The aspects of the play covered in this paper include the directorship and the actors.

The actors portray a high degree of enthusiasm as they perform their roles. The stars in the play, Kathleen Cowan, a Bachelor of Arts theatre senior, and Kristen Aviles, a BFA acting sophomore, were audible in their performance. Not only were they entertaining throughout the duration of the play, which took 90 minutes, but also they made the audience laugh heartily. They played their roles effectively, consequently leading to the success of the performance.

The director of the play, Stephanie Freeman, was also active in directing the play. Apart from directing other performances, Freeman indicates that this play is appropriate for her research. She does an excellent job in executing her role, which is inclusive of effectively introducing women into contemporary comedy. She can show the audience the relaxed side of the theatres, in the hope that the play will enhance the introduction of more creative ideas into theatre performances. For this reason, through the play, she takes part in creating more opportunities for people introduce creativity in their stage performances. Her role is reflected in the reaction of the audience, who are all excited about the performance.

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