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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses anthem and the bet. Anthem and the Pet In the novel Anthem and the Bet, equality is the basis of a utopian society. Doing things without involving other people in the society is not right. People have the same thinking and in case one had a different thinking, then he would be detained for corrections in the palace. According to the novel, people think as a unit. There is no freedom to freely air one’s views and do things that they wish. In my view of utopian society, people exercise freedom without limitation (Daniel, 2005). This is different from when all people reason together as a unit. People should be allocated duties and responsibilities in accordance to their talents. There is also no existence of crime and poverty.

One theme in the short story The Bet is that material goods tend to influence one negatively away from important things in life. This is portrayed by the lawyer. After some years of separation from worldly things, he came to appreciate that there are more important things than material goods. After that, he chooses to abandon worldly things and embrace spiritual enlightenment (Daniel, 2005).

Julius Caesar in Shakespeare play was murdered in a situation he termed as betrayal. Among the senators who murdered him was a person that Julius considered a close friend. Though he first resisted, he gave up on realization that Marcus was among the assassins. Both Julius Caesar of Shakespeare and the dying solder in Steve Allen’s of Death Watch Near Que Son experienced betrayal in their last moments (Daniel, 2005). They also died silently feeling that their dignity had been stumbled on. While Julius was betrayed by a friend, the dying solder was betrayed by his superiors.


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