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Compose a 4500 words assignment on corporate financial information analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free! In simple words almost all have their own strategies to survive the downturn and afloat their businesses.

This report aims to offer an insight into the financial analysis of the two companies in the light of the credit crisis on the financial state of these companies. The past and current financial performances of any company are significant to shape up the future funding strategies of the respective organisation. Shareholders’ wealth creation is significant for any organisation. The impact of credit crisis on the creation of shareholders’ wealth of the two companies is analyzed in this report to make the analysis more judicious. Balfour Beatty and Redrow are two leading players in the housing development and infrastructure industry. Both of these companies are listed in FTSE 250 index. These two are taken up for financial analysis to detect the effect of financial downturn on the market.

Balfour Beatty: This UK organisation is a renowned name in road infrastructure, electrical and mechanical engineering, support services and other disciplines (Balfour Beatty, n.d.). In the year 2009, the company ranked 19th among the international leagues table of contractors. Established in the year 1909, it is now one of the largest fixed rail infrastructures contracting company across the globe. The company handles infrastructure building, including civil and rail engineering for a wide range of products. Apart from UK, the organisation also focuses on asset management and capital projects in United States (Hoovers, 2010). In future, its strengths and well-developed strategy will help it to retain the respected position.

Redrow is one of the leading property development organisations in UK. Imaginative design and quality customer service have been the key pillars of its operation (Redrow, 2010).

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