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Compose a 1250 words assignment on the truth about stories: a native narrative. Needs to be plagiarism free! Thomas King shares a Native perspective on Native issues. In fact, this sentence alone suggests some of the problems he deals with throughout his book. King’s book covers topics as diverse as racism and stereotyping, basketball, and coping with life’s sorrows, but it looks at all of these issues through an exploration of narrative in the forms of stories that we tell ourselves and others. The book’s main message is one that discusses the importance of seeing people for who they are, and not trying to classify them as one particular race or culture. I think this is a message that is especially important for social workers to keep in mind as they struggle to help those who are not a part of the dominant culture or socio-economic class.

One thing that makes King’s message so effective is the personal tone in which he tells all his stories. He frequently speaks to the reader and is not shy about telling us when he is aiming for a story-telling tone. In the first chapter he tells two different creation myths, one Christian and one Native. The tones he uses to tell them are very different, as he points out afterwards. “In the Native story”, he says, “I tried to recreate an oral storytelling voice and craft the story in terms of a performance for a general audience”. However, the Christian version, told with a less playful tone, used a “sober voice” which “makes for a formal recitation but creates a sense of veracity”.King’s stories in the book usually use a mix of these two tones.

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