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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Different Views about the Concept of Families. The authors have made it clear in the chapter that families are not formed just because of economic reasons. Blau, Ferber, and Winkler state, “Human need for companionship, sexual attraction, affection, and the desire to have children also play a substantial part in family formation” (34). Economic factors although play a major role but the desire to live with the opposite gender is a more logical reason to form a family. Along with the focus on family formation, the authors have also discussed the reason behind family breakups. Some of the main reasons provided in this chapter included the desire of a person to have sexual relationships with more than one partner, incompatibilities, and the human need for independence.

The authors have evaluated the neoclassical model of the family in detail in order to highlight the advantages associated with this model. Along with the benefits of the neoclassical model of the family, the authors have also discussed the traditional model in which men are supposed to perform outdoor activities and women are supposed to remain at homes for taking care of the children. The decline of the traditional model of the family is also discussed in this chapter. The authors have described the disadvantages of specialization and revealed that couples can enjoy a number of economic benefits while living in the form of families. Specialization is just one issue. couples can gain many other economic benefits while living in families.

The traditional division of labor is the biggest disadvantage of traditional families. After discussing the traditional model in some detail, the authors have shifted their focus towards neoclassical approaches of transactional costs along with Marxist feminist and radical feminist views and different bargaining models. The authors have also discussed how men and women usually allocate their time to work and family and how the allocation of time is changing with the passage of time.

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