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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Should California Pass a Law that Protects Employees from Workplace Bullying. entire population of the globe is moving ahead towards the betterment and improving the standard way of life, yet, people are coming across numerous problems and concerns in their everyday lives, particularly in their workplace environment. One of the prominent social and ethical dilemmas needing to come under consideration in the twenty first century is bullying although bullying is a significant concern that dates back to centuries. Moreover, experts have indicated it as one of the growing concerns. however, until few years ago, it has gone under ignorance. Bullying can be defined as “repeated and persistent negative actions towards one or more individual(s), which involves a perceive power imbalance and create a hostile environment” (Pate & Beaumont, 2010, pp. 172).

In other words, bullying is a practice that either an individual or a group of people carries out that includes an unwelcomed or violent behavior in order to prove that they are dominant or have supremacy power over the weaker individuals. Moreover, bullying occurs with an intention to hurt or intimidate the other person or to create a level of embarrassment or humiliation for him/her in public. Recent studies have revealed the fact that according to common observations, the unpleasant and insulting actions of bullying have a frequent impact that outlasts and continues with the passage of time (LaVan & Martin, 2008).

It has been an understanding that people with supremacy bully around the weaker people and make the victims’ abilities, gender, religion, or cultures as the source of origin to exploit or abuse. Verbal harassment, physical assault, and psychological violence or anxieties are the primary methods and techniques that come under exercise in bullying. The victims of bullying are even termed as “targets”, and “bully” is the person who intimidates the victim.

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