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Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Screenplay. She first call for an drew for help, he says he is on his way, she is freaked out, there is scary voice of child that scare her, she run down the stairs, surprisingly, despite going down several stairs, she finds herself trapped in the fourth floor)

Girl 1: hey, am done with my research for the day, I think it’s time I get to my room.(she wakes up her friends who appear to be leaving the study table, she decide to leave with them and opts to wait for Andrew)

Girl 2: are you going with us? There is this new joint across the school that we want to go and a have a cup of coffee, maybe later watch a movie, this project has been on my neck for the better part of the day, I think it’s the best time get to do a different activity.

girl 2: are you sure you don’t want to join us, Andrew can come straight t to the coffee shop and join us, you don’t have to be hard, staying here alone will be boring (Vivian decline the offer of the two girl, she decides to wait by the room and wait for Andrew, she gives him a call and he assures her that he would be thee in as soon as possible.

Vivian: (talking to herself) its dark in here, helloooo, is there anyone here, can you’re hear me? She looks frightened. she calls Andrew and informs him that she is in room CMC waiting for him. The room seems very scary. there is one side at the corner of the room where light penetrates.

Through Vivian’s eyes, the audience is sucked into the look of Vivian eyes, she seems to be seeing things that are b out the normal, she tells Andrew that she thinks she sees something in room CMC, out of the window of the CMC and into the open space outside, this is the only place where light is able to penetrate, there are sounds that are heard all over, but she cannot see something solid.

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