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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Reflection Paper (History 2). Teacher Reflection Fifteen years from now I would remember the lesson that the democracy and freedom people enjoy today were a result of sacrifices of men and women in history. It would make me a more responsible citizen because these lessons will make not to take for granted the freedom and convenience that we enjoy today.

People today particularly in the United States are enjoying the democratic space where we are free to express ourselves, elect our own leader and have the opportunity to pursue our endeavors are a result of the brave men and women before who sacrificed themselves to make the lives of the succeeding generations better. This impact on our life today is very significant because it determines on how we live our everyday lives. The democratic space and the freedom we enjoy today was not given to us but were rather fought and hardly won that cost many lives and limbs.

Reflecting on the philosophy of Carlyle and Hegel, I believe that the significant determinant of history are the roles of the “great men and women” who stood up against the tide of times and rallied people toward a common cause. It can even be said that major changes in history were a brought about by the lives of heroic individuals whose vision, ideals and leadership enabled people to see a better world and rallied them toward a common cause. Without these great and heroic men and women, we would not be enjoying the freedom and democracy that we have right now.

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