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I will pay for the following article Cloister Walk, Norris. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. They incorporate the values of humanity, stability and silence in a way that is desperately needed in the society. (Norris) This perception and aspect instills the interest to know much and deeper about the relation of this group in relation to religion and society.

Norris reveals her gratitude for literature buy using language and metaphor to bible reading. With regard to the psalms, she reveals how sometimes slowly and painfully the words work to the foundation of the heart. She gradually acknowledges much about forgiveness, patience, and value of community, simplicity and the freedom values. She finally achieves healing in the sanctuary of the cloister. She also finds peace in her troublesome marriage and gains a different perception and understanding of her life challenges in the outside world. Moreover, she discovers the beneficial change that can be effected by the drive of spirituality. This is brought about with the understanding that love forms the center of all things only if it is kept to its rightful place and purpose.

Norris identifies the worldly view in the expression of the holy in unity with the exalted and her vocation as a poet. She broadly develops the belief that the call of the monks and the poets are similar to that of the prophets and the poets. This is because they reveal the deputation of the one who distinguishes the transformative power that is hidden in the simple things. Prophets are instrumental in making the society view the reality of things. Neither to have they allowed us to abnegate our pain. On the other hand, poets express the long desire of the people who have lacked the best expression to articulate them.

The remarkable thing about The Cloister Walk is its central focus on prayers that is dominant in all chapters.

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