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I will pay for the following article Business Plan Startup Company: ServiKali. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Promotion is defined as a process of increasing awareness of the consumers regarding a particular product, service, and idea through various forms of publicity and advertisement. There are a number of promotional activities that Servikali can employ for promoting the business such as print media, above the line promotion techniques and below the line promotion techniques like, public relation, trade fairs and point of purchase promotion (Keller, 2001). In case of Servikali, advertising was considered the most appropriate promotional tool given its niche marketing strategy. According to a number of authors, niche marketing strategy is highly benefited by the non-personal form of promotion by way of enhancing the ability of the message communicated to reach a specific set of audiences. The advertising will be primarily done through print as well as digital media. The organization, however, highly stresses upon various forms of print media such as newspaper and business magazines, where advertisement will be posted on a monthly basis (Thackeray, Neiger & Hanson, 2007). It is imperative to note that the company is presently a comparatively small one with a limited promotional budget. Hence, Servikali should evaluate other cost-effective methods of promotion so as to comply with the budget. The cost-effective methods include registering at local business directories, posting the advertisement on social media such as Google and Facebook, emailing newsletters, incorporating word-of-mouth promotion, press release, event participation and public relation activities.&nbsp. The company has decided to implement promotional methods other than paid advertising such as word-of-mouth through peer networks, catalog marketing, dealer incentives, business card and letterhead and event participation.&nbsp.

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