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I need some assistance with these assignment. behavioral risk factors Thank you in advance for the help! Re: Behavioral Risk Factors October 25, The necessity of improving on an action plan in order to address behavioral risk factors lie fundamentally in having a new outlook in changing attitudes. The continuously increasing cost of insurance imposes a burden on every individual and simultaneously on employers who are directed to provide for its cost. The most effective way to reduce health risks, and perhaps the most ignored, is the improvement of lifestyle choices that are sure to prevent chronic diseases. Thus, avoiding potential health costs altogether at the most primary level.

The National Academy of Sciences cites some specific behaviors that influence health such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, physical exercise and food intake, sexual practices, and disease diagnosis. Despite the availability of data on the direct effects of these behaviors on a person’s health and his contraction of potentially chronic diseases, they remain at a staggering level. Primary prevention with early screening and detection, together with an overall change in attitude are important to address illnesses prevention and obviate disease transmission (2001).

The importance of community engagement in wholesome activities cannot be stressed enough. In this regard, the companies together with local health personnel should work together in implementing activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Sports activities that initiate larger group participation are ideal and convenient. Information drives through a wider audience employing the mass media will also be vital to update people of the most recent health hazards and various studies. In addition, the different companies should encourage their employees to avail of provided for medical consults at the onset of their health concerns to ensure early detection.


National Academy of Sciences. (2001). Health and behavior: The interplay of biological, behavioral, and societal influences. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.

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