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I need some assistance with these assignment. american government 101 Thank you in advance for the help! The survey was conducted from February 28 to March 2 by interviewing some 1,500 adults and the results were then averaged by the pollster which is the Gallup organization. It is a prestigious survey firm, so we can be sure the results are pretty accurate in terms of judging public sentiment about the performance in office by the president. The said survey has a +/-3% margin of error, which is within the usual statistical margin to get valid results.

My opinion on the article is that Pres. Obama got blamed for the deadlock in the U.S. Congress because he and the Republican members of Congress could not agree on the ways to reduce the budget deficit and so $85 billion in automatic spending cuts went into effect which has a bad or adverse implication on national security (the military is most affected), domestic investments, and core government functions as the cuts are government-wide (all agencies). It is sad that the legislative and executive branches of the government could not agree on a very important matter but the general public seems to put the blame entirely on the president only, as his disapproval rating surged to a high of 46% since November last year (Slack 1).

This article was written by Lois Romano and was first published online last March 4, 2013. it talked about the planned candidacy of famous Hollywood actress Ashley Judd for the state senate of Kentucky. Since it is still being planned, Ms. Judd has not yet declared openly whether she will eventually run or not for an elective political office but this early, she is now being attacked by the opposing Republican Party by questioning some of her public statement or announcements, going back by several years earlier.

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