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Get 15% OFF your First Order

Need help with my writing homework on The Market Planning Guide. Write a 750 word paper answering; According to the research findings, this being a new company we are faced with many challenges in our daily operations. So much strain is put on the company’s budget through the process of advertising. People’s attitudes towards this product greatly affect the company’s performance. Most people are not flexible to experience new products but rather prefer using products they are accustomed to David. Competition from other companies is another issue to our company’s performance. Meeting each customers needs is not an easy task. Each individual has different tastes and preferences therefore, meeting all these preferences leads to enormous expenditure. Maintaining high and quality standards in product production has always been an issue for this company. Enjoying music all the time is the desire of every music lover therefore production of this type of head phones targets all those music lovers that had lost hope in listening to music over their phones during rainy season due to lack of head phone that could withstand water. At least 18 youths out of 20 use head phones for listening to music. Your age does not really matter. Due to its quality, we know that our customers will not regret in purchasing our products. Technology greatly influences our rate of production. The company is able to produce more products within a short period due to availability of highly improved machines. Technology has also helped in accessing the target market easily. This has been made possible through carrying out advertisements online. Customers are able to make their orders online on varieties that they are interested in. this technology has reduced the burden of meeting customers physically in the name of advertising. Our greatest competitor in this field is the iPhone Company. This company has posed so many challenges because it has had a long experience in the technological industry.


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