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Need help with my writing homework on Overweight in a Pre-School Population. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The effectiveness of the social campaigns just as the name suggests relies on the ability of the campaigns to recruit numerous participants thus curbing the trend in the society.

&nbsp.Let’s take on child obesity: one step at a time is an appropriate example social marketing campaign that strives to curb the prevalence of childhood obesity in Europe while promoting specific products. In the campaign, the marketers address specific factors that lead to childhood obesity thereby advising on the uptake of appropriate physical activities and diet that will help curb the negative prevalent. Childhood obesity is a vice, one that denies children appropriate childhood. Obesity makes children susceptible to numerous other diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. As such, curbing childhood obesity is a fundamental social role the government must undertake in order to improve the quality of life for the citizenry. Additionally, social problems often create a market for private investors as proprietors develop products and services that promise to improve the situation.

&nbsp.The same is the situation in this context as Safefood a commercial organization that sells food products decide to capitalize on the situation thereby developing a substantial market for its products. The company, therefore, develops the Let’s take on child obesity: one step at a time campaign in order to market its products while addressing the social problem. The campaign addresses specific issues that will help curb the prevalence of childhood obesity. The developers of the campaign observe specific policies thus developing an appropriate campaign, one that addresses the specific issues illustriously. The campaign, for example, proposes at least sixty minutes of play.&nbsp.

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