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Need help with my writing homework on Bradbury has said that this book farenheit 451 is about TV replacing books in society,not about censorship. Analyze the relationship Bradbury describes between technology and his dystopian society What statement is the author making for today’s soci. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Bradbury’s book revolves around life in the 24th century when people lived in a dystopian society when times were horrible and repressive. It is meant to be the opposite of utopia which is a world that is good, perfect in fact. Dystopian, on the other hand, is “a moribund, death-bound society that is incapable of renewal, where the ruling elite cling to their existence as parasites on their own people, whom they devour in the process” (Gottlieb 41). In the book, too, there is nothing actually important happening the city, the people are living their lives but not doing anything constructive per se. They are looking for ways to distract themselves and to find things to take out their various levels of stress on. Over here, anything with the exception of books can be used to accomplish this. They can “ride on the jet cars when they race on the edge of town at midnight” and not be caught by the police if they are insured (Bradbury 14). Or they can even watch shows or movies on the “parlor walls” which were large television screens covering their walls (Bradbury 4).

The title itself is basically the degree at which the temperature of fire needs to be when brought near paper thus resulting in spontaneous combustion. Hence, it sums up what the novel is about i.e. the burning of books, magazines, every script be it fictional or religious. The alternate universe that Bradbury has based his book in shows the time when being a fireman is one of the most important occupations that a person can decide to go for. These men are responsible for ensuring that all books are eradicated from their land. They even have a specially built robot dog whose talent seems to be to sniff out books and guide the men there so that they can take care of them. Resistance of any sort is futile. the owner of the books might just end up being burned to death as well.

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