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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on this university is more than just a world-class academic institution preparing you for a future career.we are well-rounded individuals who embrace leadership,learning, service,and global awareness.which of these characteristics appeal most to you and why Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Global awareness al affiliation

Global awareness

Globalization can be defined as the process of economic, cultural and societal integration. This integration is fueled by international trade and venture, as well as information technology, the latter which has made global interaction easier. Accordingly, global awareness or global education entails learning how to live in a world characterized by cross-cultural conflicts and collaboration, ethnic pluralism and scarce natural resources (Crawford & Kirby, 2008). Learning this at the university equips learners with collaborative skills in working with people of diverse cultures. Learning global awareness is very essential to a student if they are to fit in the employment sector. Learning enables one to have an understanding of global issues, find solutions to these issues and think rationally.

Information on global issues can be accessed through various technological applications such as web-based study and telefield trips. Interpersonal exchanges between students from all corners of the universe have also enhanced global awareness. The internet is the most useful tool as far as global awareness is concerned as it offers a forum for students to dig up information from other parts of the world in a very short time. According to Crawford & Kirby (2008), there are blogs all over the internet where students can share information worldwide. E –learning has also gained momentum whereby, students can enroll for online programs to boost what they are taught at the university. There exist various web-based organizations which provide such forums for learning. An example of such is the Global Nomads Group which gives young people a chance to share their similarities and differences. Through videoconferencing, students also discuss various global issues that have an effect on them. All these are provided for at the university, thus making it a true world-class university.

A globally aware university is advantageous to me as a student since I am able to learn 21st Century skills that are essential in the employment sector. The world, as competitive as it is today requires one to have an insight on the happenings in other parts of the world. Being taught this at the university gives me an edge over others whose institutions of higher learning are not globally aware. Through my interactions with students from other cultures I have come to see the world as one, despite the geographical boundaries. Learning about the politics, governance, economies of other countries have made me realize that we all share the same predicaments regardless of where we are in the world. Learning about the cultures of different people has been very interesting and has made me appreciate people as they are. Through the intercultural program, I have acquired cross-cultural communication skills, mainly by participating in cultural celebrations organized by the university. By so doing, I have come to shun racism and ethnic differences and try my best to foster world peace and cultural tolerance.

Conclusively, the knowledge I have acquired on global issues has molded me into a globally aware citizen, capable of dealing with people from diverse cultures. These competencies will be valuable in the employment sector as I demonstrate to my future employers that I have the skills to compete in the international arena.


Crawford, O. E., & Kirby, M. M. (2008). Fostering Students’ Global Awareness: Technology Applications in Social Studies Teaching and Learning. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction. Volume 2. no. 1.

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